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 Delhi Judiciary 2023 Photo Resizer  – Hello Aspirants, you can easily resize your Delhi Judiciary photo for online applications and save time and effort by using our user-friendly online resizer tool.

Delhi Judiciary 2023 Photograph and Signature Instructions

Document Type Image Dimension Image Size Image Format
Photo H=000px & W=000px Max=00kb jpg
Signature H=000px & W=000px Max=00kb jpg

Delhi Judiciary Photo Resizer

Delhi Judiciary Sample Photo Image

How to Resize Photos for Delhi Judiciary 2023?

Step 1: Upload: Upload photo of the candidate to resize for Delhi Judiciary 2023.

Step 2: Resize: Suppose size of the photo is 400 x 400 (height : width) while minimum required is 200 x 150 (height : width). So, here you need to resize the photo by 200 x 200 (height : width). First limit the height of the photo.

Step 3: Crop > Custom: Now, Crop photo by 200 x 150 (height : width). So, Height and width of the photo is limited as per given instructions by Delhi Judiciary 2023 office.

Step 4: Download: Finally download the candidate photo to upload in Delhi Judiciary 2023 application form online.

Delhi Judiciary Photo Resizer FAQs

What is Delhi Judiciary Photo Resizer?

Delhi Judiciary Photo Resizer is a software tool designed to resize digital photos for the Delhi Judiciary online application.

It allows applicants to adjust the size and dimensions of their photos to meet the specific requirements set by the conducting body, usually the High Court of Delhi or the Delhi District Courts.

Why do I need to resize my photo for the Delhi Judiciary application?

The Delhi Judiciary application has specific guidelines regarding the size and dimensions of the photo. Resizing your photo ensures it meets these requirements and can be uploaded successfully.

Failure to comply with the specified dimensions may result in rejection or technical issues during the application process.

How does Delhi Judiciary Photo Resizer work?

Delhi Judiciary Photo Resizer provides a user-friendly interface where you can select your digital photo and modify its dimensions. The tool allows you to resize the photo by specifying the desired width and height or by setting a percentage scale.

Once resized, you can save the modified photo for use in the Delhi Judiciary application.

What are the recommended dimensions for a Delhi Judiciary photo?

The recommended dimensions for the photo in the Delhi Judiciary application may vary. It is important to refer to the official notification or website of the conducting body for the most up-to-date requirements.

Generally, the recommended dimensions range from 200 pixels (width) by 230 pixels (height) to 500 pixels (width) by 500 pixels (height).

Is Delhi Judiciary Photo Resizer an official tool provided by the conducting body (High Court of Delhi or Delhi District Courts)?

No, Delhi Judiciary Photo Resizer is not an official tool provided by the conducting body. It is a third-party software developed to assist applicants in resizing their photos for the Delhi Judiciary application.

While the tool aims to simplify the process, it is important to refer to the official guidelines and instructions provided by the conducting body for accurate information regarding photo requirements.

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